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Obituary for Laura Rose Bluhm

Laura Rose Bluhm, a resident of Acton, passed away February 17. 2022 in Acton. She was 28 years old.

Laura was born in Brighton, daughter of Gerald and Nadia Bluhm and sister of Sarah Bluhm. She attended the Gates school in Acton as well as Acton Boxborough Regional High School. She was also homeschooled and was a part of the Voyagers Homeschool Cooperative of Acton. Laura loved acting in plays as an adolescent through homeschooling. She attended camps and classes where she learned tennis, softball, frisbee and basketball.

Laura always kept busy and had a wide variety of passions. She loved children and music and played the piano for six years. She wanted to transition to guitar and singing because of her love of pop music. A real trivia buff, she loved puzzles, board games and using her iPad to play games and complete puzzles. She loved to read fiction but could also often be found reading Buzzfeed and Apple News keeping up with current events.

A lover of all animals, she was passionate about conservation and helping endangered species. Laura loved to read National Geographic and National Wildlife magazines. She loved to use the platform to watch livestreams of animals across the world. She supported their work to help endangered species and conservation by becoming a paid member. She watched and participated in expert talks on the Zoolife platform which occurred many times daily. Her passion inspired her aspiration to study Zoology because of her participation in the Zoolife platform.

Laura took a lot of interest in recent elections and followed them closely. She volunteered her time making calls for Biden during this past election. She was passionate politics and current issues. She volunteered her time towards in recent years for various issues and someday had wanted to travel to Washington.

Although Laura faced many challenges, she still had many passions and aspirations. Among them were the goals to produce a pilot at a local cable station for one of the TV scripts she had written, study zoology and foster cats and volunteer at a local cat shelter. Laura also wanted to spend more time with her sister Sarah and father Gerry whom she recently had formed a closer bond with. She had also hoped to become more involved with AANE (Asperger / Autism Network) in Watertown where she was to move on March 16th of this year.
Laura became very isolated in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Though throughout it all she maintained a positive attitude and made many connections online. She maintained relationships through pen pals, live online Trivia games, the game platform and through messenger. She found many ways to find joy in activities with her mother with whom she lived. Laura will be greatly missed by all of her family and friends.

A graveside service will be held on Thursday, April 14th at 12:00 Noon at Mount Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge.

Those who wish may make memorial contributions in memory of Laura at where you may donate a membership to Zoolife so that others may enjoy it the same way Laura did. These gift subscriptions will create free accounts for those who otherwise would not have an opportunity to interact with Zoolife either due to cost, accessibility, or other reasons. Please use the email address and kindly note In Memory of Laura Rose Bluhm.