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Obituary for Dominic Leuci

Dominic David Leuci
06/04/2003 – 05/26/2022

Our beautiful son Dominic David Leuci died peacefully, surrounded by his family on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Dominic was 18 years old, and is a beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, and friend.

We wanted him to be with us forever and a day, but his time on this earth was far too finite. He accomplished all of his goals, and left more gifts than can be documented in this tribute. His obituary is in present tense because his life matters, and his legacy will continue.

Dominic’s insights extend to everyone who had the privilege of meeting him.

• Happiness: Happiness is a choice. Period. Read that again! Dominic was always happy, and shared his joy with everyone around him.

• Pure Love: This is Dominic’s de facto standard. He’s a perfect role model, and we can learn from and emulate the love that he shared.

• Perspective: Dominic provides us with the ability to prioritize what matters, and realize that health and happiness are THE key.

• Control: Control is an illusion. Realizing this frees us from being too caught up in the daily grind otherwise known as our lives.

• Joy: The little things matter. Joy is a relative perspective. Dominic loved music, and could often be found acting as the family DJ with his industrial radio. He loved his brother and sister, books, remote controls, dancing, the Mozart cube, Katie Perry, Sean Kingston, SpongeBob Square Pants, musical movies, Signing Times, meatballs, pizza, and his family. His smile lights up our world, and his laughter is music to our ears.

• Gratitude: Dominic teaches us more than we could have ever taught him. He sets a shining example of perseverance, determination, and pushing yourself to the limit.

We are grateful that he left us these gifts that we will not waste. Dominic will forever be missed and never forgotten. A huge piece of our hearts died with him, but we will live our lives honoring the gifts he gave while he was on this earth.

Dominic loved his family and is survived by his Father, David and his Mom, Tara. Dominic’s favorite people are his siblings Alexandra (11) and Charlie (15). He could often be found shutting the TV off while they watched a program, pulling hair, stealing pacifiers, or simply laughing and dancing. He is also survived by his grandparents Terry and Marilyn Blom, William Leuci, and Al Lewis, and uncles and aunts Lori Mattingly, and Bill, Pete, Jessica, and Kristen Leuci, and many cousins, countless caregivers and friends. Dominic joins those who predeceased him including his grandmothers Connie Lewis and Janet Leuci and his uncle Chris Leuci. Dominic’s time was limited, but his legacy will live on in the hearts of everyone that he touched.

Dominic, you are now free from your earthly pains and while our hearts break, we take comfort knowing that you are singing, dancing, running, talking, and playing with all of the angels in heaven.

A celebration of Dominic’s amazing life will be held on a future date this fall.

In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to Crystal Springs online or via check to Crystal Springs Attn: Dominic Leuci Memorial Fund 38 Narrows Road PO Box 372 Assonet, MA 02702. Please make sure you write Dominic Leuci Memorial Fund.

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